Mercedes Benz

If you are working in advertising in Germany there is pretty much no way around doing a couple of jobs for the car industry. The projects for Mercedes Benz were always challenging but also very fun to work on.
Over the years I got hired by Spellwork, Katalyst, Trixter and Mackevision to do compositing and even some matte painting on some great spots, that you can find below. 

Unfortunately the music copyright for the storm film wasn't issued for certain countries – that's why there's no audio.

Agency / Antoni
Director / Salomon Lighthelm
VFX / Spellwork Pictures
My Role / Compositing & Matte Painting

A ton of spots for Mercedes Benz Vans, melted in an edit you can find below. This challenge made Katalyst Berlin flex their VFX muscles and deliver high quality in little time. 

Agency / Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
Production / Anorak
Director / Aleksander Bach
VFX & Post / Katalyst Berlin
My Role / Compositing & Conform

At the end of 2017, MackeVision in Stuttgart hired me to do some compositing on this Mercedes commercial with Nicki Minaj.

You might not believe it but both exterior and interior of the car (not Nicki) are full CG. The 3D team did such an amazing job with the renderings which made my job very easy.

VFX & Post / Mackevision Stuttgart
My Role / Compositing

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