Woodblock partnered up with 1st Ave Machine during the production of six spots of Dell’s flagship laptops for the CES in 2021.
Roman Rütten and Marc Reisbig directed the two hero films (Family & 2in1) and our team of C4D artists developed the remaining four spots under my supervision. I ended up filling multiple roles on this project: direction, producing & coordination, technical lead and editor. 

1st Ave
Director / Roman Rütten & Marc Reisbig
Producer / Isabella Parish 

Lookdev / Helge Kiehl
Artists / Benjamin Broschinski, Daniel Büttner, David Weidemann, Felix Deimann, Hannes Denker, Ian Hutchinson, Juan García Segura, Remo Gambacciano
Assets & Modelling / DAT 
My Role / Director, Producer, CG Lead, Editor


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